Our prices are net prices and are indicative.
We can give you an exact price based on a needs assessment

From 250 Euro: 1 camera recordign + post production, 3 hours availability, max 3 minutes final product
From 500 Euro: 2 camera recording + post production, 6 hours availability, max 10 minutes final product
From 900 Euro: 3 camera recording + post produktion, 9 hours availability, max 30 minutes final product
From 1300 Euro: 4 or more camera recording + post production, 12 hours avaiability, 60 or more minutes final product

BASIC PACKAGE FROM 350 EURO: 3 hours availability, 100 shots, post production (retouching) for 30 images,
MEDIUM PACKAGE FROM 500 EURO: 6 hours availability, 200 shots, post production (retouching) for 50 images
LARGE PACKAGE FROM 800 EURO: 9 hours availability, 300 shots, post production (retouching) for 100 images

VIDEO: From 80 Euro/min for the final product
AUDIO: From 40 Euro/min for the final product
PHOTO: From 5 Euro/picture

From 300 Euro/hour: 1 camera, separate sound system, microports
From 500 Euro/hour: 2 camera, separate sound system, microports
From 1000 Euro/hour 3 or more camera, separate sound system, microports

FLYERS From 20 Euro/plan, A5 size, one page graphic design,
POSTERS From 40 Euro/plan, 100X200cm size, one-page graphic design,
ROLLUPS From 50 Euro/plan, standard rollup size, one-page graphic design,
FOR SOCIAL MEDIA From 30 euro/plan, Standard graphic design for Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, etc.,

LANDING PAGE From 250 Euro/plan, One page "landing" introduction page,
ADVANCED PAGE From 500 Euro/plan, Website with max 5 subpages, optional template themes,
PREMIUM PAGE From 800 Euro/plan, Website, webshop, unlimited subpages, custom branding, media content integration, domain, hosting, responsive, SEO setup, speed optimized